“I have known of Ashley’s needle-felting work for 10 years. Having during that time bought 3 pieces from her myself, I have also seen all of her other artwork from that period. Ashley does truly wonderful pet portraits: dogs, cats, donkeys, sheep, horses, parrots, etc. She is brilliant at capturing the individual charm, character, and personae of her subjects. Lately, she has been doing acrylic and watercolor portraits as well which are equally stunning. Portraits of people and animals are very difficult to do well. Ashley does them extremely well! I have yet to see one that is a failure and she has many satisfied customers.”

Wendy N., Tucson, AZ


“As most people do, we have a special place in our hearts for all of our pets.  They are our children so we wanted to have special portraits created for each of them.  We first saw Ashley’s fiber art in a gallery show benefiting the Humane Society in Charlotte, NC.  We thought it was the most unique and fun piece in the show.  Ashley’s first portrait for us was of our dog Diamond.  Diamond has slightly droopy eyes, a big black nose, and black and white swirly fur.  Ashley captured all of these things perfectly.  Since Diamond, Ashley has created portraits for 4 more of our babies.  They are all so unique and Ashley captures exactly what is unique about each of them.”

Trish N., Ohio


“Ashley’s fiber art portraits are incredibly detailed and lifelike. All her portraits are remarkable, but her portrait of ‘Lucky Lucy’ is especially endearing because Lucy wasn’t just my dog. We had a remarkable companionship that I’ve never experienced with another dog. I can see and feel Lucy’s timid, faithful, trusting spirit in this fiber art portrait. Lucy’s portrait has a very special place in my home. Thank you, Ashley.”

Jenny C., Albuquerque, NM


“Ashley’s portrait of Google is stunning! Her realistic ‘drawing’ captured both his spark and personality. Her fiber choices emulated the texture of his hair and her creativity shows through her color palette.”

Gale S., Tucson, AZ


“Ashley, I love the pictures you did of my two cats, Tux and Boots.  They look like they could talk to me!  Friends are amazed when I tell them how you made them.  You are a very talented artist!!”

Ellen A., Washington state

“Ashley does fabulous, detailed work, really capturing the  personality and essence
of the subject in her fiber art. The portrait of my beloved Pit Bull, Pete, is a cherished work of art which I look at everyday…the piece is a blessing because he was my heart dog and passed away over a year ago. I smile every time I see it! Thank you, Ashley!”

Jill C., Sonoita, Arizona

“I asked Ashley to create a gift for my friend Nancy, who has a cute, loving dog named Sassy. Sassy is a rescue that Nancy adopted after the loss of her previous dog. Ashley designed a pet portrait pillow double-sided capturing the loving personality of Sassy on one side and the playful side of Sassy on the other. Ashley’s artwork is beautiful, and she captured the personality of Sassy perfectly in the design. Ashley’s artistry is professional and intuitive. My friend Nancy cried with delight when she opened the gift created by Ashley! Thank you Ashley for your artistry!”

Shannon S., Tucson, Arizona

“Every time we look at Emmett in fiber, we smile – need we say more?”

The Campbells

“I have been so happy with the quality of Ashley’s beautiful portraits.  She captures the personality of her subjects in a unique way. The fiber really brings the animals to life!  I have given two pet portraits as gifts and both have been enthusiastically received.”

Debby M., Portland, ME

“I’m delighted with the fiber art portraits done by Ashley Weymouth of my two bichon frises.  Ashley somehow managed to capture not only the physical likenesses of both dogs but also the intangible character and personality of each dog individually.  The portraits hang in my study where I can enjoy them every day.”

John F., Greenwich, CT

“Ashley’s Fiber Art creations are beautiful and unique works of art. She is able to capture a pet’s look and personality. Her work is one of a kind and makes for a perfect gift. My twins have many of her creations of their beloved animals proudly displayed in their bedrooms.”

Stacy F., Chevy Chase, MD

“We are totally charmed by “I Heart Hugo”. This sweet rabbit has a wistful, alert expression. We want to reach out and hug him. Your ability to capture this in fiber is totally amazing. Your barn wood framing is perfect.”

Carolyn and Jerry A.

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