Dwelling On It

In 2018, I started volunteering for services directed towards helping people who were struggling with homelessness. Along the way, I got to know some of these individuals, hear their stories and develop a deep admiration for their survival skills as well as for their strong sense of community amongst themselves.  As the years have passed, I have continued to volunteer in different capacities and have felt both profoundly moved by the ‘goodness’ in some people as well as sad and frustrated by the lack of sufficient resources available to help those in this situation.

We all know the socio-economic impact COVID19 is going to have as a result of job loss and an inability to pay one’s mortgage or rent.  It’s a painful reality. It hurts. Even though I am a chronic cynic, there are glimmers of hope deep within that humanity and empathy will prevail and gestures to help those in need will be made.
My intent is to donate the proceeds of each birdhouse sale to either Sister Jose Women’s Shelter or Friends of Pima Animal Care Center. Sister Jose provides shelter to and care for homeless women and their pets. Friends of Pima Animal Care Center provides outreach services to pets of the homeless and/or pets of those who are facing financial hardship in an effort to keep pets and their people together.
The cost of each birdhouse ranges from $30 to $40 with shipping included.
If you’re interested in purchasing one of these dwellings, please email me at anweymouth@gmail.com.
Thank you for considering this and a Happy New Year to you!


Elegant Birdhouse front
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