Failed Escapism

‘Search Within’ tiny birdhouse

Last Monday Fred and I set off for another week of hiking and biking in Flagstaff in an effort to ‘get away’ from the house, the news, the dogs…

Sadly, it turned out to be the vacation that wasn’t when Fred slipped on some rocks and became injured during our first hike of the trip. With the help of Search and Rescue, we got off the mountain and headed to urgent care where they took x-rays and gave Fred a walking boot and crutches. The next day we drove back to Tucson so that Fred could get in to see an Orthopedist. That was our vacation. End of story.

As Fred hobbles around the house with multiple fractures, talking about how bored he is, I have spent the week making tiny birdhouses. 

I have put small mirrors on the inside of the birdhouses which adds a neat effect when you look inside. There are also messages inside each one, too. 

Search Within Birdhouse
Search Within Birdhouse
Search Within Birdhouse
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