Needle-felted fiber pet portraits

Framed Pet Portraits

It’s nice to see how the pet portraits are doing in their forever homes as well as how they’ve been framed. I just received these photos from one of my favorite customers and wanted to share:)



Google the Golden Doodle

This latest fiber portrait is of a handsome Golden Doodle named ‘Google’. Google lives the good life in Tucson, AZ – spending his time hanging out in his Mama’s art studio, gazing at baby quail scurrying around his back yard and serving as a therapy dog.

Lou’s Winter Wonderland

‘Lou’, adored by his family, is a gregarious, young black lab living in Washington state. He reportedly loves spending his time at the beach, in the family cabin or, as shown here, romping in the snow. The challenge with this piece was trying to make fiber look like snow and not like cotton. Fingers crossed that it worked.


I guess it was inevitable that I would create a portrait of our newest family addition and my very own BFF. Her name is Sugar Bear, she is four years old, deaf and blind in one eye (hence the wonky right eye:)) and a red heeler.  Suffice it to say, I am completely smitten with her. She doesn’t leave my side when I’m home and that makes me feel really, really special.  Anyhow, here she is in all her glory – hanging out by the entry where the cat’s food dish and litter box are placed strategically out of Sugar Bear’s reach.  She looks guilty (to me) and I can only imagine that she was trying to figure out a way to break through the barrier before I found her:)

Meagan the Dachshund

This fiber piece is of a Dachshund named Meagan. Meagan is a loving, trusting soul with just a tad of bossy princess in her.

Love at First Sight

Do you believe in love at first sight? I do. The first time I saw a picture of this terrier mix named ‘Haggis’, my heart did flip flops, my breath became short and I felt weak at the knees.

Wiley Jean: Appalachian Mountain Dog

Wiley came into our lives ten years ago via a rescue group from Tennessee. He traveled up on a truck that was transporting about 50 other dogs that had been listed on Petfinder and adopted by New Englanders. I picked him up in New Hampshire, in a parking lot, along with many other eager future pet guardians.  When Wiley came off the truck, his tail was tucked between his legs, he was emaciated, and missing patches of fur. He barely acknowledged me as I took his leash and walked him to the car – we still had an hour drive to go to get him to his new home. That drive consisted of him trembling in the back of the car and nervously looking around.  Once we reached Portland and I got him out of the car, Fred met me outside with our other dog, Charlotte. Charlotte and Wiley dutifully sniffed each other in greeting and then I brought Wiley to the back yard. I took off his leash and he sniffed around. His tail lifted and started to wag. He ran back to me, placed his front paws on my chest, looked me in the eyes and I kid you not, thanked me.  Wiley Jean is one-of-a-kind. He has issues – but we all do, right? He is a lot of work and on the flip side, he is a great spirit and one of the most loving and nurturing animals I have ever encountered. If you’ve ever considered rescuing an animal, I say “Go for it!”.

Sage the Treeing Walker Coonhound

Sage had a rough start in life when she and her litter mates, along with their mama, were abandoned in South Carolina. They lived on their own for about 3 months and due to the circumstances, only Sage and her mama survived. Upon her rescue, Sage was fostered by two kind humans who, as luck would have it, became “foster failures” and ended up providing her with her forever home. According to her human mama, Sage is a sweet, smart, weird girl. She loves hugs and can’t start her day without one from her human papa. She is the patroller of the backyard, always on the lookout for deer, squirrels, and moles. Cheers to Sage’s happy ending and here’s to hoping for many more.

Lucky Lucy

Lucy was a dearly loved Red Tick hound that was adopted from the Santa Fe Animal Shelter in 2006, at the age of three. Prior to the shelter, Lucy was living on her own in the Pecos Wilderness. At the time of adoption, Lucy was extremely timid and afraid of people but, before too long, she decided she was in love with her adopter, Jenny, and wouldn’t leave her side. Lucy spent the next ten years keeping close to Jenny, relishing their daily walks. Jenny reports Lucy’s passing was harder to handle than any other death she had experienced. Two years after the loss, Jenny adopted again – a sweet pittie named Asha – and, according to Jenny, Asha is teaching her to love another dog again.

Emmet – Got Treats?

This handsome terrier mix was apparently quite motivated and a beloved member of a family in Maine.


Have you ever met a ‘catcoon’? Me neither! But, there’s always a first for everything so, here’s your first catcoon. Please note the glorious markings on her tail which give away her rare genetic code.

Max the Yellow Lab

This fiber portrait is of a joyful yellow lab named ‘Max’. Max clearly lives the good life in Washington state as the pictures that were sent to me of this fabulous creature depicted him either napping or smiling. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Meet Daisy

Back in 2012, Daisy was a 17-year-old resident at Ironwood Pig Sanctuary, home to almost 600 rescued pot-bellied pigs. I can become smitten with any porcine being but this one, following us around with a big smile on her face, had me so entranced that I felt compelled to do a portrait of her.

Big Flirt Lucca

This is the first needle-felted bird portrait I’ve done and admittedly, it was a challenge to replicate.

Ever Kissed a Sheep?

This sweet mama resided on an Icelandic sheep farm located in Alfred, Maine where I volunteered and had the memorable experience of helping to birth lambs.

Beanie Bagabond

Beanie Bagabond was a Hurricane Katrina survivor who made her way up to Portland, Maine via rescue to spend the remainder of her years. Beanie enjoyed spending her days taking strolls to the beach and eating apples she found strewn on the ground in Autumn.

Howdy Pardner

I met this handsome feller while getting my cowboy on at a dude ranch.

Diamond the Bionic Dog

This fantastic creature named Diamond is apparently “bionic” given some ACL surgery she had.

I Heart Hugo

Hugo was a sweet and extremely large rabbit who was looking for his forever home at The Animal League of Greater Portland.


I get pretty weak at the knees when I come across a dog with an underbite. I was thrilled to spend the past couple of weeks completing this fiber pet portrait of a pretty Pitty named ‘Greta’. Greta is a rescue with a human mom and dad who are devoted to animal welfare and shares her space with a posse of fellow rescued canines and felines.

Moose’s Day at the Park

Moose is a lucky dog, frolicking with his pet parents at the park.

Maggie and her joie de vivre

This fiber piece is of a deceased golden retriever named Maggie. Maggie served as a companion dog and was loved dearly by her family. Maggie thrived on tennis balls, water, and squeaky toys. This portrait is unique, and a first for me, because a portion of the fiber is from Maggie. Maggie’s owner spent months collecting the fur and shipped it to me before the sweet pup crossed the rainbow bridge. Maggie’s fur was blended with dyed fibers as well as used on it’s own to replicate this image. I am fortunate to have been given the opportunity to meet this sweet soul.


Boots is a handsome kitty living it up in Washington state.

Tux in the Tall Grass

Tux likes to stalk in the tall grass in Washington state.


One of my first portraits – a rendition of one of our own cats who passed away unexpectedly.  She was a sweet creature and her loss was palpable.

Uncle Cinnamon

Rumors run rampant as to why Uncle Cinnamon’s left ear was folded over at the very tip. One person speculated it was damage from frostbite, another hypothesized he had once been feral and the tip of his ear was snipped to mark him being neutered and the last theory is he had some Scottish Fold feline DNA in him. I choose to go with the third explanation as Scottish Fold cats reportedly have sweet, mellow temperaments and Uncle Cinnamon was perhaps the most tolerant, gentle kitty cat I’ve ever come across.

Rosie the Miniature Donkey

Over the holidays, I became enamored with a miniature donkey named Rosie. My heart melted the first time I scratched her and she responded by lifting her upper lip and smiling. So, I now spend a good deal of my time ruminating over how Rosie can become our newest family member. The hurdles I face are two reactive dogs, Tucson City zoning and a husband who laughs every time I bring it up. If you have any helpful advice regarding my dilemma, I welcome hearing it.

Gimme Shelter – Shelter Cat

This beautiful cat was a resident of The Animal League of Greater Portland.

Sassy Pants

Sassy Pants is a rendition of a chi/corgi rescue living the good life in Arizona. According to her pet sitter, Sassy likes long walks and her soft bed so, one side of the acrylic pet pillow reads “These paws were made for walkin'” and the other, “Home Sweet Home”.  I think I’ll follow Sassy’s lead during these long winter months by taking some nice strolls and enjoying a snooze or two.

Little Man Murphy

Little Man Murphy is a ridiculously cute, rescued, Lhasa apso mix living the good life in Phoenix, AZ.  This acrylic on canvas was a first for me.


Sweetpea: Monster dog/regular dog

Painted, stitched, reversible pillow portrait of Sweetpea, a beloved rescue from a hoarding situation. On a good day, per the owner, Sweetpea is “Regular Dog” and on a naughty day she is “Monster Dog” thus, the pillow can be flipped according to what kind of day it is.



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